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Mr. Roshaan Data Analyst Python Expert

As an accomplished Python developer nearing completion of my BSCS degree, I demonstrate proficiency in diverse Python domains, including Selenium automation, data scraping, and a keen understanding of data analysis techniques. My methodology revolves around a straightforward principle: I excel in autonomous research and learning, enabling me to rapidly assimilate new concepts and seamlessly adapt to evolving job demands. When faced with challenging situations, I approach them with a strategic mindset, leveraging my problem-solving skills and analytical acumen to develop innovative solutions. With this commitment, I am assured of my capability to promptly comprehend novel tasks and provide efficient solutions within tight timelines.

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Utilizing a strong background in Python development, data scraping, automation, API testing, and machine learning, complemented by proficiency in Django, I offer a well-rounded skill set as a data analyst. My expertise extends from crafting optimized code to deriving actionable insights from datasets, facilitating the creation of innovative solutions. Whether tasked with developing resilient web applications, optimizing workflows, or leveraging machine learning algorithms, my capabilities guarantee the delivery of efficient and tailored solutions to address varied requirements.

Python 95%
Machine Learning 70%
Scripting 98%
Django 75%
Task Automation 92%
API Integration 85%
Web Scraping 98%
Data Analyst 98%

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