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Mohammad Umer Marketing Manager Python Expert

As a skilled Python developer , I excel in various Python specialties such as Selenium automation, data scraping, and the creation of advanced Telegram and Discord bots. My approach is simple: I thrive on researching and learning new concepts independently, ensuring that I can adapt quickly to any new job requirements. With this dedication, I am confident in my ability to swiftly grasp new tasks and deliver effective solutions in a short timeframe.

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Creact Digital

Worked as a marketing manager

Techionik Inc.

Worked as Python Developer in AI/ML department


With expertise in Python development, data scraping, automation, API testing, and machine learning, along with proficiency in Django, I bring a comprehensive skill set to the table. From crafting efficient code to extracting valuable insights from data, I excel in creating innovative solutions. Whether it's building robust web applications, streamlining workflows, or harnessing the power of machine learning algorithms, my skills ensure efficient and effective solutions tailored to meet diverse needs.

Python 95%
Machine Learning 80%
Kotlin 85%
Android Studio 80%
Task Automation 92%
API Integration 70%
Web Scraping 95%

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